Commercial Railings in Kearney, NE

Railing Adornments

As the #1 contractor for commercial railings in Kearney, American Fence Company specializes in a broad spectrum of products with unique adornments such as scepters, globes, medallions, and rosettes.

Custom Made Railings

American Fence Company of Kearney goes the extra mile in producing commercial railings of the topmost quality.

Railings Accent

Besides their security function, our commercial railings are great aesthetic features for businesses in Kearney: visually complementing the property.

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Employing expert designers, fabricators, and railing installers in Kearney, American Fence Company realizes that more goes into creating the ideal commercial railing than simple picking out some material and signing a contract. For example, you’ll want to come up with just the right design, one that fits the appearance of your commercial property, maybe something that helps boost curb appeal. Our staff knows this, having been in the business more than 50 years, and our combination of expertise and high tech equipment is what makes us the number one fence contractor in Kearney.

Our company offers a number of excellent adornments for your commercial railings: spears, scrolls, rosettes, globes, medallions, and more. Simply come up with a design that you want, and then talk to our staff, and we’ll help you make this vision a reality!


When do I need to install residential railings in Kearney, NE?

Generally speaking, any surface with a drop-off of thirty inches or more requires a guard railing. However, be sure to check with your local codes and authority in Kearney.

What are the requirements for residential railings in Kearney, NE?

Again, we stress the importance of verifying with your local codes and authority. Generally speaking, however:

  • 42″ are generally required for commercial buildings.
  • Openings throughout the railing system are limited to maximum widths of 4”.
  • Railings typically should not deflect more than an inch when two hundred pounds of force is applied vertically and horizontally but not consecutively.

What are the requirements for residential stair railings in Kearney, NE?

  1. Railings must be specific in profile, location, and size. In most cases, the railing is 34” above the nose of the stair tread.
  2. Railings should be no larger than two inches in diameter and installed with few to no obstructions. The user needs to be able to smoothly run their hand down the length of the railing.
  3. One railing is required for stairs 36” or less in width. Stairs greater than 36” require more than one railing.
  4. Handicap railings require a one-foot horizontal and vertical return at each end with a second lower railing reachable for people in wheelchairs.

Can American Fence Company of Kearney custom build my railings?

In our 55+ years in the business, American Fence Company has fabricated thousands—literally thousands—of railing designs, all using the same process:

  1. We have catalogs and website photos full of railings designs for you to review in designing your railing. We also recommend that you search the web as railing fabricators and home builders are promoting more and more of their products on-line.  A popular railing accessory provider, King Architectural Metals, has an excellent website with several design assistance tools and views.
  2. With three veteran computer aided design (CAD) programmers, we will provide you with a CAD drawing of your dream railing.  Always demand a CAD view of your railing before allowing any fabricator to build your unique design.  If your first glimpse of your new railing is only once it is built; you may be very disappointed.  CAD views will provide details that include material selection, all necessary dimensions and even a three dimensional view.
  3. Once you have selected a design, we will personally field review your application.  All custom railings must be field verified by a professional fabricator.  Never purchase a railing locally or online without having the fabricator review your installation site.  It is easy to overlook little site details such as base trim, carpet to tile, set-backs and reveals, etc. that only a professional fabricator will be keen to notice.
  4. With five certified welders, we will build your product to the highest standards.  All custom metals products should be fabricated in accordance with AWS D1.1.  AWS is the acronym for the American Welding Society.  This group is the governing agency that sets the standards for steel fabrications.  D1.1 is the written standard for welding steel materials.  D1.2 is the standard for welding aluminum materials.  Request that your fabricator build your railing to these standards.
  5. With hundreds of color samples and paint applications, we will work with you to select your colors.  There are as many types of paint applications as there are colors.  The most popular and widely used are the following:
    • HVLP.  High volume low pressure paint process is the most popular application.  This process has the benefit of getting paint into tight corners and angles.  It is a wet paint application that should include a two coat application of a quality primer and top coat.
    • Electro-Static.  A wet paint application that charges the paint particles and applies an opposite charge to the railing.  When the paint is applied, it is immediately attracted to the metal surface, providing a very consistent coating with no overspray.  This process should be applied in conjunction with the HVLP system as electro-static paint is difficult to get into tight corners and angles.
    • Powder Coating. This coating provides a plastic like candy apple coating to metal products. It is powder that is applied to the fence and then melted in an oven, creating a baked-on tough coating.
    • Galvanizing. Leaving your fence with a shiny silver coating, galvanizing seals the fence from rust and corrosion with a zinc rich finish. Though this is a great application to prevent rust; unfortunately, most paint applications do not adhere to the shiny galvanized finish unless first brush blasted.