Custom Ornamental Fences in Kearney, NE

Professional Fence Fabrication

Here at American Fence Company of Kearney, we employ trained industry professionals who know their trade inside and out. Among the many things they learn through our certification programs is custom ornamental fence fabrication and coating.

Fence Fabrication Drawings

American Fence Company of Kearney provides clients with complete fabrication drawings before the actual fabrication process begins. Clients give their approval of the designs before we actually make the fence panels.

Wide Variety of Fence Coatings

In addition to extensive training, our staff has the advantage of accessing media blasting and powder coating facilities. Options on ornamental fencing include pearl-essence, metallic, and patina.

Custom Iron Fencing in Kearney Gallery

Custom Ornamental Fencing in Kearney, NE

American Fence Company maintains a viable partnership with American Custom Metals, one of the largest custom metals operations in the entire Midwest. As a result, we have all the personnel, equipment, and expertise needed to tackle custom ornamental fabrication jobs of all kinds.

What makes American Custom Metals the top operation of its kind?

  • 50,000 square foot top notch facility equipped with top of the line equipment
  • Fabrication staff including professional 6G certified welders able to fabricate fencing projects of the most complicated sort
  • Also, a team of engineers to design your project and assure structural integrity and longevity
  • Every design based on customer approved fabrication drawings. Nothing is left unresolved or unaddressed
  • One of the largest media blasting and powder coat operations in the Midwest
  • Quality control program that puts another set of eyes on your project through every step

Having fabricated custom metals jobs for 55+ years, we’ve become the top contractor for custom ornamental fencing in Kearney as well as the entire Midwest. What’s more, our handiwork—which also includes railings, gates, and screening—has been delivered to each of the continental United States.